Heap Implementation using PriorityQueue in Java

You definitely need to have a solid understanding of the internals of Heap data structure and different Heap operations as discussed in:
But every time you need a minheap or a maxheap, you may not have to implement it from scratch. If you are using Java, you could use PriorityQueue class in Java to implement minheap and maxheap as shown below.

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  • Did you notice how we used Heap to sort an array ? It is one of the many utilities of heap data structure. It is an O(NlogN) operation as discussed inline in the code.

More Application of Priority Queue:

The below simple code implements the following using Priority Queue:
  • A doctor sees emergency patients before seeing a non-emergency patients. But if there are more than one emergency patients, the patient with lower id is seen first. Implement this with Priority Queue.

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